Connect your business to Sak’s

The company has a philosophy of delivering orders on time and quality.

At the promotional gifts department, we preserve a good relationship with the best suppliers of raw materials of the market for nearly three decades, so we are able to delivery time records and competitive prices.

Sak's other features

- Our professionals are experts on create and develop your idea so it becomes reality.

- We are among the best and most complete industrial plants in Latin America in this segment.

- We offer our clients personalized service.

- We have quality control and traceability process.

- Ethical trade based on the ETI code.



Add value to our customers image, developing new technologies, valuing and encouraging the talent and creativity in a sustainable way.


To be the best Brazil’s promotional gifts company until 2018, being a reference in this market, because of the diversification and quality of our products.


  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Respect for diversity
  • Responsibility


  • 1988

    Sak’s created in 1988. Installed in a small shed located in Aramis Ribeiro Street, the company operates with grants of retail sales for Sacramento and region.

  • 1990

    With increasing demand and employees, the company grows and it’s created the factory located in Jácomo Pavanelli Street.

  • 1995

    With the increased interest of retail sales, the opportunity arises to perform work in the area of promotional gifts, whose first customer is the company Antennas Santa Rita. The market has expanded increasingly and Sak's continued its facilities in the city of Sacramento - Minas Gerais, participating in the development and growth, creating jobs for its population

  • 2006

    The structure planned from the beginning of the work, which was faced until that time only as one project, is finally executed and completed. The work was performed considering the welfare of its employees, and by making Sak's one of the most modern promotional gifts industries in the country, with 100% of its electronic equipment.

  • 2007

    Sak’s is honored with certified 100% quality by Black & Decker, who attested zero defects in products manufactured by the Brazilian company gifts to the American multinational

  • 2013

    Sak's complete its 25-year history, bringing in your luggage achievements, successes, crossing obstacles and working to brand all of its customers with quality, commitment and technology. The celebration is dedicated to the professionals, who for years have devoted their time and work for the consolidation of Sak's in the promotional market, strengthening the team and contributing to their triumphs.